Artists 2016


Laura Escanes, influencer & model (Barcelona, 1996)
Since 2014 she works as a model at national and international level, she has walked down for Custo at 080 catwalk and NYFW. A year later, she began to cooperate with several fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel companies on social media. Her big secret
is her passion for writing, which has led her to start creating her first novel.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, designer (Madrid, 1960)
She studied at the Fashion Arts School and Crafts of Barcelona. At the age of 20 she started working and since then she has resented her work in international fashion capitals. The creations of this designer have become true means of artistic expression and from the early years she began to exhibit some masterpieces in galleries and museums around the world.



José Casquet, photographer (Barcelona)
He is a passionate and selftaught photographer. In 2012 he began his career covering different themes such as fantasy, portrait, fashion and urbex. His style is characterized by a dramatic touch. He currently works at his studio in Hospitalet de Llobregat, but travels around the world looking for impossible locations or unique settings.

Alassie, designer (Granada, 1985)
She studied Textile Art and Clothing Specialist in her city, then moved to Barcelona to complete her education. In 2008 she registered her trademark, El Costurero Real. She is known for her dresses inspired on Arthurian legends or tales Of the Grimm Brothers. Since then it is a brand that designs scenic and audio-visual costumes, linked to the protection of natural spaces. Currently she distributes her designs worldwide.



Elsa Gallego, photographer (Madrid)
She studied photography in the extinct C.E.I in Madrid. Her career takes her to photograph fashion reports as multiple portraits. She is an artist who emphasizes the eyes of the soul through her camera. Harleys are one of her stated passions, getting combine her two constants of life, motorcycles and photography. In art she has found the place where she can express herself without barriers.