The Tripletz, influencers
@SergiPedrero and @LucLoren begin as DJs in big festivals and clubs such as ‘Sala Apolo’ in Barcelona, where their risky and eclectic musical proposal receives a magnificent reception. The success of the group is such that they launch their own Youtube channel, from where they elaborate contents of social complain and struggle for the rights of minorities like LGTBI. In 2016, they design a clothing line that, with its iconic ‘Patética’, gets a huge popularity.

Jessica Goicoechea, influencer y modelo
She is one of the most relevant and requested models of the current national panorama. With only 20 years, she has already worked with brands like Rimmel London, Calzedonia, Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret. She is regular at publications such as Vogue, Elle or Cosmopolitan, which are interested in both her image and her lifestyle. Her popularity in social networks, where she has almost a million followers, and her new facet as an entrepreneur (she launches her own clothing brand in late October) is just another witness to her bright future.



Teresa Gimpera, actress, model and businesswoman
At the age of 27, she started by chance in the world of fashion as an advertising and haute couture model. Three years later she made her debut as an actress under the direction of Vicente Aranda. She has participated in 155 national and international films and has collaborated in numerous television and radio programs. She became a true icon of cinema and in 1969 she won the title of ‘Lady Europe’. She is the author of three books and a unique testimony of the social changes that occurred during the 60’s in Barcelona.

Josep Ferré, actor
He studied at the Superior School of Dramatic Art in Valencia. He began his career in the street theater with ‘Els Comediants’ and has participated in the work ‘The Passion of Shirley’, winner of the Best Show at the Barcelona Theater Show. He has also worked with ‘La Cubana’. He is creator of the comic fiction character Doña Soledad León de Salazar and regular collaborator of the television program ‘Homozapping’. He currently stars the short film ‘X’ at the Sitges Festival 2017.



Juan Manel Moran, director de cine
Although he is self-taught director, he has conducted and edited different feature films, short films, spots and video clips throughout his career. He founded with Raquel Choy ‘Cine Acción School of Cinema’, where he is Head of Studies and gives classes of Direction and Cinematographic Edition.
With the production company associated with the school, ‘Cinenaccion Producciones’, is carrying out with Raquel new projects, as much fiction as spots and video clips of a great visual aesthetic.

Marc Samsó, fotògrafo
He studied photography at a small school in Barcelona. Lover of freedom, macro and submarine photography was the most interesting for him, but curiously he started work in operating rooms in his city. Always decided to explore new fields in photography, he went to Mexico, where he spent two and a half years growing professionally. He has returned to Barcelona, to continue learning and working.